About Me

Dr. LA (Louise) Edwards is a scientist and author who left research and academia for the corporate world believing life as an environmental consultant was her dream job. It was, for more than twenty years when she gave up the stress, the life, and the job to pursue her love of writing full-time.

She writes supernatural thrillers and fantasy fiction, which range from dark fantasy to adventurous thrillers. Dr. Edwards spends a lot of time hanging out in fantasyland with nocturnal beings taking notes of her dreams and incorporating them into her story lines. She is the creator of the supernatural fantasy world ‘The House of Thoth’ and its spin-off ‘Benandanti: Rise to Power’.  Her other work in progress is non-fiction work called ‘My Life With Lyme’ where she discloses her long-term battle with late-stage chronic Lyme disease which actively attacks her immune-system, how the disease nearly ended her life, and how the medical system in our country fails to help those with late stage chronic Lyme. Louise was recently signed by Booktrope to publish The House of Thoth fantasy series.

Dr. Edwards is a certified geek, Whovian, and lover of faeries, dragons, and other mythical creatures. When not in fantasyland she lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and two furry felines: a little black dragon Lady Morgana, and her metro-sexual brother Mr. Perkins, a black tux with an attitude and panache for pink.

Never wish for things you might not be ready to face, as things in this world are always a surprise, good or bad. Be happy for what you have and not what you wish you had. ~ LA Edwards

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  1. Hi!! I have seen you followed me through twitter, unfortunately twitter will not allow me to follow anymore people!! 😦 But I saw that you had a wordpress blog!! 🙂 Looking forward to following you!!

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